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Cardinal Mortgage Corp. – A Fintech and Real Estate Finance Company providing More Choices!


More Choices is not only a corporate slogan, it is our true passion.

Cardinal not only arranges mortgages at more competitive rates and superior service to main stream banks and mortgage lenders, we provide alternative mortgage and real estate financing solutions not readily available to today’s consumer.

Here we are in 2022, facing unimaginable global imperialism, record breaking inflation, skyrocketing energy costs, and rising interest rates affecting all Americans.

Cardinal Mortgage is hard at work to provide mortgage and real estate home loan solutions to help meet these challenges.

Tap your Home’s Equity for Cash

First and foremost, we realize that our clients need access to cash.  The challenge that many borrowers are facing today is that with an unprecedented sudden rise of interest rates and businesses still recovering from the effects of Covid-19, they simply do not qualify for traditional Cash Out Refinance Mortgages.  At Cardinal Mortgage we have a host of cash out refinance mortgage programs to allow the consumer access to much needed cash with alternative documentation programs that require no W2s or tax returns, as well as bank statement only loans, P&L only loans and 1099 only loans.  Our newest no income check mortgage,”No Ratio” product offering allows borrowers with good credit ratings to borrow 75% of the equity in their home out in cash and that borrower does not need to list employment or income on their application.  For more information on our No Income Check Mortgage programs, please click on the link below:

True No Income Check Mortgage 

For our much under served borrowers who may not have a social security number, we have ITIN only mortgage programs to meet your needs.  Purchase, Rate and Term Refinances and Cash Out Refinances are available for the ITIN borrower.  Our newest offering has been expanded to include ITIN only mortgage loans that allow for reduced documentation where W2 statements and tax returns are not required for qualification.  For more information on our ITIN home loan programs, please click on the link below:

ITIN Home Loans

For our first time homebuyers, we realize that rising interest rates and a lack of inventory on the market today, has shut many of you out from experiencing the American dream of home ownership.  Let our experienced loan officers guide you through the myriad of first time homebuyer mortgage programs that we have including strategies on what to expect when competing in bidding wars.  Our first time homebuyer programs include, low cost and low down payment conventional and FHA mortgage programs.  With as little as 3% down, first time homebuyers can be well on their way to home ownership.  For more information on our First Time Home Buyer loan programs, please click on the link below:

First Time Home Buyer Mortgage Programs

For our borrowers age 62 and older (55 and older in some cases) have access to reverse mortgage loan programs both backed by the Government (HECM), as well as Private Reverse Mortgage Home Loans, often referred to as the SAFE Reverse Mortgage Loan, where even larger loan amounts may be available.  Click our link below for more information on Reverse Mortgage Loans.

HECM - Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (Reverse Mortgage Loans)

We want to take time to thank all of our men and women in the armed forces.  Your service is truly appreciated and with all of the global uncertainty today we rely on your service more than ever.  Cardinal Mortgage provides VA Mortgage Loans backed by the Veterans Administration with special features including 100% financing available.  Click our link below for more information on VA backed home loans:

VA Home Loans

Cardinal Mortgage Connect & Close All Digital Process

Our Connect & Close Mortgage Platform is a truly all-digital, safe and secure process that will speed you through from mortgage application to pre-approval in 24 to 48 hours and on to closing in as little as 14 days.  Equally as important as speed and efficiency, is safely securing our clients’ private information.  Our Connect & Close process is in total compliance with the strictest standards as required by today’s federal and state standards.