ITIN Home Mortgage Loans

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For Borrowers without Social Security Numbers

that Banks & Mega-Retail Lenders Simply Cannot Offer!

ITIN Home Loans

ITIN Borrowers are people without social security numbers. Our ITIN Mortgage program is for people with an Individual Tax Identification Number.

  • Neither citizenship nor a social security number are required to apply for an ITIN Home Loan.
  • Two years of employment history is required.
  • Credit scores down to 580.
  • 70% LTV New York ITIN Home Loan.
  • 85% LTV Connecticut ITIN Home Loan.
  • 85% LTV New Jersey ITIN Home Loan.
  • ITIN Mortgage Applicants need proof of ITIN & Photo ID.
  • ITIN Mortgages to $2million Loan Amount.
  • 15, 20, & 30 Year Fixed Rate.
  • 55% D/I ratio.
  • Bank statements can be used to qualify income.


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